Perfect Timing.

the problem with this fandom is that there are just too many young, immature people who are apart of it. i bet the majority of the people who are sending sam hate and death threats are jealous 14 year olds who honestly thought that they would actually have a chance of dating carlos. it’s really annoying that people are like that, but i’m sure it’s just their immaturity. it doesn’t justify them doing it and they are giving all of us a bad name by doing so, but its not the entire fanbase that is like that. the older fans, i’ve noticed, might not like whomever the guys are dating and may be jealous of them but we would never go as far as threatening to kill them. if sam makes carlos happy then let him be happy. what’s wrong with that? they should want him to be happy and if they don’t they probably aren’t real true fans. 

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